Safina Restaurant & Bar features modern, Mediterranean inspired, healthy cuisine. There is seating to accommodate up to 155 guests, including a private dining area which can seat up to 18 and a full-service bar. Safina is about celebrating the diversity of the Mediterranean through inspired and refined food that is thoughtfully prepared to emphasize the true flavors and the quality of the ingredients of the region.

Seafarers ruled the Mediterranean bringing riches to empires. Coastal towns established fame for luxuries and for mercantilism that continue to exist to today. Without seafaring vessels, this would not have been possible. It is the simple invention of boats and ships that created the bounty of the Mediterranean and it is there we find inspiration in our name, Safina. Safina is Lebanese for “boat.” Beautifully humble in its simplicity, confidently assured in its purpose. This mix of humbleness and confidence is found in our food, service, and experience.

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We set the stage for an eclectic menu of satisfying bites, quenching cocktails, and refreshing coffee drinks. Every ingredient and preparation draws inspiration from the natural world, the cultures that surround us, and the art of making foods and drink that bring people together. The Naturalist is a celebration of life and connection.

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